Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Hempy Soap

Now I know that makes you smile! Happy Hempy soap was made in my kitchen with my daughter in mind. She loves dragonfly's, hearts, flowers, and well...yes stamps. So When this slightly green soap came out, it seemed like a good idea to do some stampin' on it.  Of course you can see Happy Hempy here at Sugar Pine Boutique, but this is more about the story of how and where she came about.

Happy Hempy started in the usual way. There were oils, lye and water involved...but this one was a bit different.

First, we used hemp oil...a wonderfully new oil to me in this soap making business. Not only does it make the soap a pleasing green-tinged yellow, it also has many skin-happy properties. A few of these are, but not limited to, a large amount of vitamins A & E, lots of fatty acids and a friendly disposition that lends itself to helping those with dry irritated skin, eczema and psoriasis. Plus it's fun is that.

Another difference is that I didn't just throw some water into the mix with this soap. I carefully brewed some lovely chamomile tea...lots and lots of it. When done, the brew was very strong, very sweet-smelling and good. This was added to the lye in the normal way and with the oils and all went well in happy saponification. Yeay!

The remaining ingredient was ginger. Ginger in small quantities helps with consintration, it's an antiseptic (good for the skin), and smells so spicy and warm. Mmmmmm.....This little bar of soap smells like the best Whole Foods store EVER!!

The stamping was fun, the cutting in not-so-perfect squares was a blast (all soaps are approximately 2 oz though...) Dragonflys, two types of flowers, and a 'go green' stamp were used.

Yep, great times. As I said, you can visit this little soap at Sugar Pine Boutique, or just enjoy the little dragonfly's here, the choice is yours! ; )

Have a wonderfully creative day! Errr...Night?

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