Monday, October 12, 2009

Notes of Gratitude and Epiphanies

Ok, I've been creating little soaps for my Etsy shop for oh, 3 months or so. I know that it really isn't a very long time to be up. And I can be patient, but after so many looky-loo's and no sales, I was getting quite sad. (Thank you though Mom, for my first sale!!) And then, a beautiful friend of mine, who I had given a small sample to, loved it so very much, she purchased 2. It may not seem like much, but it did make me feel that I wasn't crazy about creating my soaps in greater quantity than my immediate family can use. Anyway, thank you, thank you to my generous friend for lifting my spirits and encouraging me on my soapy way!

The most important thing I learned? Soap doesn't sell online like it would in a shop, out of your home, at the soccer field or farmers market. People have to be able to smell it, touch it and see your passion for it. They want to try a sample, find it in the work break room to wash the grit from their hands. A bit of wonderful luxury in their busy, tiring day. That's how soap sells.

No worries though. I will still be posting items to my Etsy shop, though more as a way for these folks to get ahold of me. (I'm not really into giving my personal number out). I will still be posting, but just not hanging my hopes on one shooting star, as they say. I am betting every venture has it's bumps and discouragements...mine is no different. ; )

To end on a good note and celebrate the fall season,  I have compiled a few gift packages that will be on Etsy and featured on a table at our local craft fair. I had so much fun creating the eco-friendly basket (made from organic fabric and recycled vinyl). The soaps are all unique, the packs included a mixture of lavender, tea tree mint, almond and perhaps a cute, little pumpkin soap. And let's not forget the Aloo items! Check out this yarn here. My mom created this little lovely's to enhance the gift packs. I know, she's something else, isn't she?

As always, have a great week and happy creating!! ; )


  1. I love your eco gift baskets! Also, your pictures are really great! Sales are slow for me on Etsy too, but I feel the same as you is a way for people to find and contact me. Plus, I can showcase my work. Hope to get up the guts to gather up everything and do a craft show someday! Good luck!

  2. I'm sure you could do a craft fair! You have some really cute items. I think it's a great idea to share a table with someone that has items that are complementary. That way you don't have to go for broke when you're starting out, plus you can take a break from the table. : )


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