Thursday, October 8, 2009

Joys of Fall-Volunteer Fruits

I've been watching our little apple tree out back sheepishly sprout fruit over the past few months. Patiently, ever so patiently, we've been waiting for these juicy morsels to finally be ready. Then this week, I saw birds checking out the beautiful red globes and decided to look at the apples more closly, had to get our share before the birds got to them all! So I took my little pasta stainer out and started joyously picking. It was a cool mid-morning and the apples that had already fallen were giving off a wonderful tang. (Reminds me of growing up in apple-country). I was able to get enough apples for a pie, left a few others for later and well, I guess the birds. Yah, I can share.  Just a little reminder of the finer things in life, the ones that are there boom or bust, rich or poor. In this hard time of economy, people loosing their homes and jobs, and the never ending drone of the news...a little simple bit of joy is what I needed this week.

Anyway, thought it would be fun to share my little volunteer apple tree. Bless her!


  1. Those are such pretty apples. Yum! I'm jealous:)

  2. Pretty good for not realizing it was an apple tree till the blossums came out, huh? I hope I can get enough for some apple sauce soon! ; )

  3. Wow, just look at those Nevada Apples!


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