Friday, October 16, 2009

Recycled Sweater Blanket--The beginning

Well, as the temps get cooler and I seem to get a bit craftier.....the thought occured to me that a nice blanket would go smashingly on my daughters bed. I'd seen a few felted sweater blankets out on the net and decided I probably had the ability to put one together. I found the Layers of Meaning site pretty helpful, there's other good one's out there too, I just liked how they pieced their blankets together. This is a pic of one.

Anyway, Ros and I recently went to the 2nd hand store to drop off a few items and while there, I decided to cruise through their wooly selection. I came out with about 7 sweaters, mostly grey wool blends, 1 fantastic orange Italian wool and a blue cashmere. All for about $1/sweater. (Sorry, I cut them up before photo's!) ; )

Next I decided how big to make this blanket. I decided on a 72" X 92" twin size blanket. This size allowed for 6" X 6" squares and I did get quite a few out of each sweater. Seven gave me about 75....only 105 to! Now I just need to find about 8 more sweaters for the rest of the blanket.

I think I'll line the back with a soft fleece or similar material to keep it real soft. Any ideas?

I've been playing with a few different ideas on how to make this blanket fun for Ros. I plan on finding a few sweaters with pockets and believe a few fantastic buttons would be great. (Maybe my Mom will help with embroidery ideas....) Anyhow, just a real fun project!

I'll keep you up-dated on this one, as I think it's going to take me awhile!

As always, thanks for viewing and happy creating!

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  1. are you going to use the triangle ones on the edges?


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