Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Secret is Out!

I've been waiting until after my sister's birthday to post one of my most recent creations...I couldn't possibly post before in fear that she'd see it before the big day!

This is an over-the-shoulder sling bag made from my own pattern. The material is a finely ribbed corduroy with a print that reminds me of  designs I saw while traveling in Maui. The colors used would go great with jeans or khaki's, a couple of my sister's normal stand-by's.

 It has a 'belt' type strap that makes it very adjustable for the wearer. The purse also has leather accents on the straps that I found particularly attractive. I double-stitched where the straps meet the purse for extra strength, no small feat for my sewing machine!

It is fully lined with a coordinating fabric and sports three inside pockets, one sporting velcro for trapping those pesky keys. A snap insures it will stay closed, even while swinging most energetically as my sister goes about her business.
I have just enough fabric to make one more of these puppies, so be prepared to see one soon on my Etsy site!
Thanks again for stopping by.

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