Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oh so much to Learn!

I have to confess, there are many reasons for starting this blog:

A. To journal my creative journey, a scrapbook of where I've been and where I might go.

B. As a way to share this journey with family, friends and anyone who might stop along the way.

C. As a renewed interest in blogging and promoting and selling and getting-noticeding of my new little shop at Etsy.

All three are very valide, strong reasons to launch this blogspot. The third at times being very interesting, eye-opening and vexing. As I said, I have much to learn. How do I get my shop to pop up on my page? How do I import things from other ramblings over here. How do I keep it all sorted and keep people a smidge interested. *sigh* I think I may plead headache and roll over.....

Ok, I won't do that. I just know it will take some time and knowing that I'm not the most patient of person's, then yes this IS vexing!

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