Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Hello there, little blog from 4 years ago!

Just remembered that I had this blog long ago in what seems like a simpler time. Many events have come and gone in the last 4 or so years since I last posted. Joy, sadness, loss and determination. It's been quite some time since I have been able to create my much loved soap, though I do miss it so.

Joy: Two babies have been added to our family since the last post. One little girl in 2011 and a little boy just last summer in 2013. My, has our family grown. So much pitter-patter around the house, much noise and ruckus, but also a lot of love. I've seen my two older children grow and mature so much, it brings tears to my eyes watching them with their little sister and brother.

Loss: As with many in the last few years, we came up against some hard financial times. Working so hard to try to keep our lovely home. But in the summer of 2010, we had to make a very hard decision to let our house go to short sale. It was so painful to give up the life and land that we had worked so hard on. And then to move into a small rental was as difficult as holding ones breath for a prolonged amount of time.

Determination: This last November we were once again able to move into a home of our own. A lovely sense of relief, but I have to admit that the magic is tarnished when you have lost one before. It's a nice house, but it is hard to not feel jaded by the past. We work, we love, we play. The days go by faster and faster.

In closing: I do hope to post on this site with the adventures that we have been on, the crafts completed and the new ones started. Hoping to scratch out a time in a day soon to experiment with soap once again. To fill the house with lovely lavender, mint, sage and rosemary. Soon...very soon.

I hope that the last few years have treated you well and hope that this new year will open up opportunities and graciousness to you all.


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