Saturday, November 28, 2009

Greekery__Hand-knitted Sweater Turned Tote__Yep From Greece.

This was a find. While I was out perusing I found a couple misshapen sweaters that had been hand-knit in Greece. A combination of wool and love were put into these and I had to find a way to preserve their beauty.

This one looked like a good candidate for a purse with its cool details. I went ahead and felted these pretty sweaters and set to work sizing up how much material I had. Mainly through hand-sewing, I constructed a circular bottom by using a gathering stitch on the sweaters bottom ribbing. I made the bottom stable with several pieces of plastic canvassing. The lining is a mirror of the outer purse, except I included a pocket and one of my new Sugar Pine Boutique labels. (Those were fun to make!) The handles were machine sewn, using the same lining fabric to stabilize the wool.

The purse was finished with a snap to keep all contents in. I also added a large button made from a coconut shell, wood beads in two complementary colors and a few 'glass' beads for detail.

This tote is perfect for the library, park or beach. The only dilemma now is deciding wether to keep it, or post it in my Etsy store! ; ) What do you think?

As always, thank you for stopping by. May you have a wonderfully creative day! ; )


  1. I just love how you repurposed the sweater! It looks so perfect as a bag, you can't tell what it originally was!

  2. Thank you, it was really fun to make and I LOVE being able to repurpose things. ; )

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