Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spacin' Out

Well, if you were at all wondering where I've hubby and I made a trip down to Houston, TX for a week. For him to train for his job and for me to get some R&R and hopefully get computer related business stuff done....well, the R&R part worked out pretty well, until I was about to scream...and definately found that I'm not always awesome with designing website layouts.

Anywho....we did get to see and do some fantastic things while in Houston. One absolutely wonderful excursion was to the Space Center.

<------ This suite actually has moon dust on it's toes!!

We saw some pretty spectacular rockets, engines, the training area....Wow, just wished our kids could have seen all this neat stuff!!

We also made it over to Galveston. It's looking pretty good, alot of repairs have been made since Hurrican Ike...but you can sure tell something made it's way through this tiny island town. We stopped at a neat Mexican Resturant named Salsa's....really good Chile Rellenos! Yummmm!! We were soooo full! (The photo is of a cool spanish horse at Salsa's)

We also took a walk by the sea wall. It was a bit grey and rainy, but it was still neat to see the Gulf of Mexico. We took some great pics and were in awe of how the waves took out this dolphin statue's's all cracked and jumbled up. Crazy!

Good trip...but, also glad to be back home. Next time we go, we will bringing the kiddo's. There's just so much to do there that they'd love. Waterslides, carnival rides, Imax theatre....

Yes at good trip. ; )

Black-headed seagulls...yeah don't have them in Northern, NV


  1. My birthplace. YaY for Houston, Texas! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sounds like an awesome trip. I'm following your blog! :)

  3. Thanks for the follow! ; ) Had a great time in TX! ; )


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