Thursday, December 17, 2009

Etsy Hacks

As some of you probably already know, Etsy is an ever expanding organism, every day something new is popping up. Yesterday I stumbled on a link to Etsy Hack, this is a site creatived for an Etsian by her hubby. It has a bunch of links, gadgets, stats and tools for your shop and more I haven't had the chance to look at yet. You can also read more on his blog.

 It's nice to see how your shop stacks up to others and has the info that might help your shop rise to the cream. Having the info and knowing how to use it are crucial. I found it very helpful and had to share. ; )

What are your goals for this new year? Advertising, streamlining, expanding, ?

Mine are all of the above and then some, learning how to make the net work for you is so important.....and it's such a learning curve!

That's about it for now, busy getting orders on there way for Christmas.

Have a great holiday season!!

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