Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So Chic--Mommy and Me

This is the Mommy-and-Me Set.

Three Purses made in pale olive green linen fabric with blue, yellow, and brown paisley's. These were all made by me, with my own patterns.  Mommy's purse has a snap closure and pockets for organizing. The strap on the large purse is made of a recycled belt, buckle and all (super adjustable) and the small purses have coordinating fabric that make up their straps. All are lined with a dark, chocolate brown fabric with swirls.

My sister wanted a unique gift for a good friend of hers, so we decided that it would be adorable to make a set for this mom and her two daughters.

There is absolutely more where this came from. So if you'd like to make an order, I'd be happy to fill it! ; ) Just visit my site and I'll get stictchin' for Christmas.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful purses. I love the fabric that you used. Love the idea of using a belt as the strap...and that it is adjustable. So cool!


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