Thursday, November 5, 2009

Felted Hat

Well, I know it's not the worlds greatest picture to display the qualities of the hat I made, but I did have fun playing with this pic! lol!

Anyway, I took the swaggy, loose part of a brown sweater (if you can tell me what it's supposed to be called it would be great!) after felting it in the wash and fitted it to my head. Next I took some really soft cashmere/angora wool remnants from another project and mad the top, so it would close nicely.  I gathered it in the back to make it nice and slouchy.Then I took some more scraps, made the flower and leaves, sewed them all together and put a rinestone in for fun. Turned out pretty good. Generally hats don't quite fit me properly, so it was fun to make one for myself that would be I couldn't let Ros have all the fun, lol!

Next project will be a bit more on the sweater blanket. I have enough for more than half, just waiting for the 2nd hand stores to get more in. Need some bright colors to give the blanket some pazaaz...or at least some white-ish sweaters that I could dye would do nicely too.

Thanks for stopping by! ; )


  1. Thank you. Sorry you really can't see it, playing with photos is so fun though. ; )


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