Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Fun

Finally......I finally got my sons costume finished! Back in August we discussed what costumes would be 'perfect' for this year. My daughter decided to be a Kitty and my son decided to be a Hawk. The kitty costume was easy enough, all black, ears, tie and a drawn on face. The Hawk costume was a bit more extensive.

I made the mask pretty easily out of the ones you find in the craft store, found some agreeable feathers and glued them on. The beak is made from water putty and I just strung some elastic and ribbon through the pre-punched holes to keep it in place.

The rest of the costume was partially made from a Simplicity pattern and then modified it to look more like a Hawk (took out stuffing in back so it wouldn't be puffy.) Also eliminated the strap they put on that goes between the wearers legs, though it really didn't need it.

Anyway, after many feathers sewn (lost count after 100) I managed to put together a costume that resembled a hawk and not a chicken.....thank goodness!!

As fun as this one was to make, I told him that next year we needed to go a bit simplier.....the said "ok, how 'bout a fish then?" lol! Can you imagine sewing on all those scales??? That's ok, the Halloween magic fades fast enough and it truley is only once a year. ; )

Thank you for visiting our site. Have a happy and safe Halloween!!


  1. Love both costumes! They turned out great. I can see all the hard work that you put into the hawk costume....over 100!

  2. Thanks, can't say costumes are my forte or anything. Kinda glad I have to do this only once a year. The kids do love it though, and all the sweat + tears are worth it! ; )


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