Thursday, October 1, 2009

Feature of the Week--Bodacious Bubbles Soap

Well, as you can imagine, after starting my own soap obsession, I went to have a looksy to see what everyone else was up to. It then occurred to me that it would be fun to feature items and their makers that caught my attention.

While I was strolling through my favorite site: ETSY of course, I happened upon a shop called Bodacious Bubbles Soap. This one caught my eye due to the ingredients such as poppy seeds, star anise, and peppermint/orange scent. They use the cold process method, use all natural ingredients for scent, color and texture.

This sister team, based up in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, have formed many different recipes such as 'Spicy Clove', 'Peppermint Orange', and 'Lemon Poppyseed'. Yummm, huh? They also cast their soaps in different little bunt cake looking shapes, roses and also hand-cut.

Addicted to soap making as much as I am, this two say that they get their inspiration from the people that have tried their soaps. Angela and Suzanne say, "We are totally addicted to soapmaking and are trying new things all the time." Can't wait to see what else they mix up!

So, go check out Bodacious Bubbles Soap, right now they have a 25% off sale and will include a free gift with the first 10 orders, yes this could be you! ; )

 The sisters also have two other sites: Petite Krott Creations a fabulous baby item shop and From A francess 2 You, a shop filled with murder mystery home kit games.

As always, thanks for giving my blog a look! Happy Tuesday! ; )

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